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オークリー 合わないPicture Issue 6 Quick Link
Picture:The Hidden House Title The Hidden House
Author Martin Waddell, Angela Barrett
Published Date 1992/09/24
ISBN 0744517974
compra calzoncillos calvin klein,precio de calzoncillos calvin kleinPictures
mulberry purses outlet[A] Summary : “The Hidden House”

英美二 王世銓

  Martin Waddell, a northern Ireland writer, is famous for writing children's literature. He is good at vividly describing stories happening around him. The illustrator, Angela Barrett, is an art major in Royal College .The Hidden House is one of her successful works, in which detailed portraits of the characters and backgrounds further deepen the sensation and feelings of the easily-understood plot.

  The Hidden House starts with an old sculptor, Bruno .He lived alone in a little house, with only three wood-made dolls accompanying him. You can recognize the three dolls by their appearances, and different stuffs on their bodies as well. One with the knitting is Maisie; another with the spade is Ralph; while the other with the pack on his back is Winnaker .The three dolls always sat on the windows ledge and watched Burno working in the garden. Though the three dolls couldn't respond him, Bruno still talked to them, because he thought they were happy.

  One day, Bruno went out, but never came back again. Everything changed bit by bit: wild plants invaded the house inside and outside, with the three lonely dolls covered by dust and webs .Their wooden bodies were somewhat decayed by insects as well. Slowly, the house disappeared behind wild plants; nobody can see the hidden house.

  One day, a man found the little house and he liked it very much .He promised to come back again, but he didn’t. The three dolls were sad. With long time passing by, there came another family. They cleaned the wild plants around the house; they decorated the house until everything looked warm and wonderful. A little girl of the family found the three wooden dolls, and she cleaned them. The three dolls are now once again sitting on window ledge, looking at all the beautiful views at the garden. This family makes the house warm, the garden splendid, and the three dolls happy with-in and with-out.

fake ray bans wayfarer[B] Comments : “The Hidden House”

英美二 吳宛蘋

  In the story, the hidden house symbolizes our spirit; the changes in its appearances stand for diverse experiences in life.

  In the beginning of this story, Bruno the sculptor brings new life to the house. Bruno acts as the wish of spirit; he infuses people around (here are the three wooden dolls) with love and pleasure, the latter will thereby grow more vital and abundant. Life is full of happiness and energy for such positive ideas.

  However, life is always unknown and unforeseeable. Unexpected changes always slowly come by. One day, the good wish (Bruno) disappears; instead of love and pleasure, the spirits (the three wooden dolls) are occupied by sorrow and enervation. This implies the fact that more and more distracting thoughts would attack us; we may feel disappointed and upset for what happens to us.

  However, life’s beauty is more cherished for its tears and pains coming along. There will always be many opportunities ahead. Maybe we can open our mind once again, and some good wishes will come back. A fresh start will make possible a new life more abundant and pleasant. In the story, a family moves into the hidden house, exposing the hidden house to sunshine, and making brilliant the three wooden dolls originally deserted and forgotten.

  Life constantly changes toward either the better or the worse. Just like the hidden house in the story: at first it is full of vitality; then it was ignored, and buried in lifeless and freezing ignorance. Nevertheless, after winter comes spring, which will definitely bring energy, happiness, and hope.